PHY404: Star Formation and Evolution

This is one of the webpages for PHY404: Star Formation and Evolution, a lecture course at the University of Sheffield. This covers the 12 lectures on star and planet formation.

Lecturer: Simon Goodwin, room E48.
e-mail: s.goodwin(at)


The deadline for the article on an aspect of star formation is Monday November 16th at 4pm.

Instructions for the article.

Lecture notes

Star formation chapter

Lecture 1: The basics of star formation

Lecture 2: From cores to stars

The virial theorem

Lecture 3: The initial conditions of star formation

Lecture 4: From cores to stars

The Jeans mass

Lecture 5: Pre-main sequence stars

Lecture 6: Multiple stars

Lecture 7: Star clusters and the IMF

Lecture 8: Extremes: brown dwarfs and massive stars

Lecture 9: Core accretion theory

Lecture 10: Planet properties

Lecture 11: Migration and evolution

Lecture 12: Star and planet formation in context

Simon Goodwin